Kristie J. Dawson


Kristie Dawson has been researching and writing about home appliances for years. She has a keen eye for detail and knows how to spot a good deal.

Kristie‘s experience as a researcher and writer extends beyond just home appliances; she also has a background in electrical engineering. This allows her to understand appliances’ inner workings and determine which ones are the best on the market.

Kristie‘s education includes a degree in electrical engineering from MIT. She also has a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard Business School. This combination of technical knowledge and business sense makes her uniquely qualified to write about home appliances.

Highlights of Kristie’s work include:

  • Expertise in home appliances and electrical engineering
  • An eye for detail and a knack for finding good deals
  • A degree from MIT and a master’s degree from Harvard Business School

You can find more of Kristie J. Dawson‘s work on her website, You’ll find detailed reviews and comparisons of the best washer-dryer combo units on the market there. You’ll also find helpful buying guides to ensure you get the best possible deal on your next appliance purchase.

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