All-in-one washer dryer combination

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All-in-one washer dryer combinations are set to be the next step in laundry technology. These machines can handle small, medium, or large loads of laundry with ease. The best part about combo machines is that it saves you space and time, so you can do more!

What is an All-In-One Washer Dryer Machine?

A washer-dryer combination machine is a single, space-saving appliance that can perform two functions: washing and drying clothes. Space savers may prefer this type of setup; it saves them time and hassles switching between machines for different loads. There are some things you will know before you buy this machine – such as the increased use of heat and water (although that means less work) or how delicate fabrics like silk will need careful handling.

Washer Dryers: What to Know About Them

We’ll start by reviewing how they work, looking at the benefits it has over a traditional clothesline or pair of drying racks, how much water it takes compared to a clothesline or dry rack–and finally, the drawbacks it might have versus alternatives.

  • The biggest benefit of combo washers/dryers is that you don’t have to change machines when switching between washing your clothes and drying them.
  • Traditional Combined Combo Washer Dryer Machines vs. Traditional Combo Units [Include a graphic]
  • There are two types of all-in-one washer dryer combinations: traditional and progressive.

*Traditional style machines have two separate cabinets or compartments, as shown in the above picture.

* Progressive-style machines have one cabinet with two doors, typically designed to store the machine vertically to save floor space.

Why Would Someone Want One of These Machines?


That’s a great question. One of the best reasons to buy an all-in-1 washer-dryer combination is if you live in a house or apartment that doesn’t have enough space to place one machine separately from another. Many people will install these machines on an outside wall which helps with storage, too. Another reason that many consumers are buying these machines is for their lower cost per cycle. If you’re only looking at the time it takes for one load of laundry – this will like a good idea at first, but not really, but it can be disappointing because, over time, your clothes will accumulate more dirt and housekeeping costs will increase as well.

What Kind of Clothes Can Be Put Through an All-In-one washer dryer combination?

All-in-1 washer dryer combinations are a convenient option if you want to do your laundry in one machine. You’ll have to choose from the different models, but there are many brands and styles available. The downside is that if you have delicate fabrics such as silk or wool, the machine may not get them clean enough.

How Much Does an All-In-1 Washing Machine/Dryer Cost?

Buyers should expect to spend an additional $200-$1000 on top of the cost for a washer or dryer unit. This is a significant investment, so buyers will need to consider the type of clothes they wear and how heavily they use either a washer or dryer unit before purchasing an all-in-1.

What to Consider When Buying an All-In-One Washer Dryer Combination?

  • How well it fits in the space where you want to put the washer-dryer combination. If it is too large, it may not work in certain places, and if it is too small, you may run into problems with the water draining from the washer to the dryer.
  • How well it cleans your clothes. The all-in-1 is an excellent investment if you wear mainly casual clothing, but if you wear more formal clothing or fabrics that are difficult to clean, this may not be a good choice for you.
  • Important to know that not all clothes can be washed in the all-in-1, so you will need to look into getting a washing machine and dryer separately.

What to Consider When Using an All-In-One Washer Dryer Combination?

Most of these appliances come with warranties that will give you peace of mind if something goes wrong. While every all-in-1 washer dryer is different, most will have a warranty that covers the cost of a technician coming to fix it and any parts that need to be replaced.

If you have a large family or if you plan on using both the washer and dryer at once, then you should consider getting an all-in-1 washer dryer combination with a larger capacity.

What to Do Before Using an All-In-One Washer Dryer Combination?

Do not think that because it is all in one, you can just throw any type of fabric into the machine at once and have it clean your clothes. Some fabrics require a lot more attention than others, and you should find out if your machine can handle delicate fabrics such as silk or wool. Also, be sure to read the manual that comes with the washer dryer combo to understand how it works.


If you have a lot of children or plan on using both the washer and dryer at once, you should consider getting an all-in-1 with a larger capacity. In general, though, many buyers are happy with purchasing this type of machine simply because it saves them space in their homes by combining two machines into one unit.

Wrap Up With A Bonus Tip!

  • All washers and dryers vary in size, capacity, cycles, and settings. Consider what types of laundry you would like to be able to wash and dry. Is the machine large enough? Does it have a lot of cycles? Does it have any specific features that your current machine doesn’t offer?
  • There are a lot of options out there for those looking for a new washing machine! Make sure to do some research before you buy. You don’t want to end up regretting your purchase later on down the line.
  • If you’re only looking at the time, it takes for one load of laundry. This might appear to be a viable option at first sight. But it can be disappointing because, over time, your clothes will accumulate more dirt, and housekeeping costs will increase as well. 


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